#12monthsofben: 4 Months

Benjamin is 4 months old. 
Likes: Bath time is still his favorite time of the day, he enjoys being thrown in the air, and tickle fights are hilarious to him. Talking in high pitched voices is a fave, and he's finally relized that tummy time can be fun, not something I invented to torture him. 
Dislikes: He has a love/hate relationship with the bumbo. He wants to sit up so badly! He has figured out he can roll over but he's not a fan of it yet. 

This month my baby decided he was done with being swaddled to sleep and he graduated to the sleep sack. He figured out he can reach his feet, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he learns to take his socks/booties off, just when they were finally staying on his feet in the first place. 

We have a doctor's appointment next week, and I am anxious to see how much he's grown since last time we measured and weighed him. 

I thought he would be sad that he wouldn't have my long hair to pull anymore, but in true manly fashion, he didn't even notice I cut my hair. Men!


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