Summertime, and the livin' is easy

top: Target, tank top: MNG, shorts: J Crew Factory, sandals: Target, sunnies: Ray-Ban, panama hat: market in Ecuador

I did not plan it this way, but I am so glad we had a summer baby. Our little family had the chance to have my parents visit during the best part of the year, we were able to learn to use all our outdoor gadgets, stroll around in nice temperate weather, and even enjoy family picnics right off the bat. I have always been more of an autumn kind of girl, but this summer has been so good and so special to us it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to watch the fireweed die, and pull sweaters out every now and again because the chill of the wind is starting to creep in.

So before the last of the warm weather leaves us, I find it necessary to wear all the shorts and dresses I won't see for another year. You know what else? Sandals! Because soon enough my toes will be buried under Smartwool socks, boots, and snow.

But not today. Today we wear shorts, stroll on sunny trails, and sip on Pellegrino limonatas. Live on summer, live on!


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