#12monthsofben: 3 Months

Benjamin is 3 months old today.
Likes: Bath time, talking, light fixtures, his rattle toy/giraffe Sophie, being carried in a sling, and his BFF Austen.
Dislikes: Gas, the straps on his car seat, tummy time.

It is incredible how much this little guy has changed in the last month. He has more than doubled his birth weight, started wearing 3 month clothing 2 weeks ago, and is a complete chatterbox. He has also figured out where his hands are and not only does he stare at them, he tastes them, and is learning to use them at will.

On the occasions that My friend Steph babysits, her daughter Austen reads to him, makes videos of him, and they take pictures together. BFFs 4EVER. Word.

He has also learned to sit on my lap to Skype with my parents, in fact, my mom has put him to sleep singing spanish lullabies via Skype. Sweetest thing ever? I think so. 

We look forward to learning with this little man every day, never a dull moment around here!


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