It takes a village

These pictures were taken shortly after Benjamin was born. At first sight you see a family of three, but if you look closely you will see, hidden behind each shot, someone without whom ours would not be a family.

Behind these pictures are 2 midwives whose expertise, patience, and care brought Benjamin into the world. There are 2 lactation consultants who daily reassure us that if breastfeeding does not come easily and naturally, they will help me persevere, because it's okay to try, try, and try again. Hidden in these pictures is a pediatrician and a nurse who answer calls on Saturday afternoon to help and put our minds at ease.

Right next to Tim and I is a grandmother who flew six thousand miles to be with us in the thick and thin of new parenthood, helping around the house, cooking our meals, and caring for her daughter when she gets sick right of the bat.

If you pay attention, you will see our friends: One who is willing to drive to our home at night just to reassure me that postpartum blues are the pits, but they are not who I am, and they will not last forever. Another one who as a mother and midwife herself takes every call, and answers every text with all the patience in the world. There's the friend who finds out Ben needs more newborn clothes, so she appears at the door with a bag full of them, the friend who keeps me accountable, and the one who brings me Starbucks steamers just because.

When you look at these pictures you see our little family, but we are made out of so much more than the number 3. It takes a village, they say, and without a doubt, without you we would not be complete.

P.S. All pictures by Crystle from {{Yea Yea Photography}}


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