On Saturday these ladies threw me and my baby the best shower! I am absolutely blessed to have friends that love me like family! I had so much fun seeing everyone and it was incredibly special knowing that people came to celebrate my baby.

Les, Kristin, Steph, and Sunny, you are so amazing to me! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this day special for me and the baby. We feel loved beyond words.

Now, it would not be 2014 if we didn't hashtag the heck out of this event and gave it a photo booth. So without further ado, the best of #itsbabytime!

This last picture is so cool! We are all pregnant!!! Due dates from right to left, we should all have our little bundles of joy by September!

Thank you everyone for coming and making the day so fun!
Hugs and kisses for all!!!


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