Speak hope

I have to say a big thank you to all of you who read what I write. Even though this blog is but a snapshot of my life, I make sure that whatever is written, posted, and pictured, is a real part of my life. The good and the bad has made me who I am, but what I love the most about all this blogging business is the incredible amount of support I have found in you, for you have changed me too.

When I wrote {{this post}} ten days ago, I received such encouraging words from so many women! Some I know in real life, some are part of my social media circle, but as it turns out, we are all just women, and you helped me understand that I do not stand alone in my feelings, that you too have been there, some of you stand in the same position as I do now, and your words made me feel so very loved.
"There is no manual to be a mom… I believe God gives us that beautiful gift and He is our cornerstone and help… Other experiences will come that will make you discover daily the capacity that we have as human beings to give love… I know you will both be spectacular parents, and that baby will feel happy in your home."
"I am in my 31st week and I feel the same way. The connection that we've created with our babies will never be broken."
"I was catching up on your blog just now and one of the suggested posts after your 'Not Just Yet' post was 'Where Feet May Fail' blog you wrote last summer. I had to pause for a moment to take in the beauty and restoration God has brought you."
So thank you! Thank you for using your words to uplift me, thank you for choosing to encourage me, to build me up. Never forget that your words carry an amazing impact, and the way in which you use them makes a difference. You have made a difference, how awesome is that?

I will leave you with a couple tweets in which {{Jamie Golden}} quotes {{Jonathan Martin}} regarding #socialecclesia:
"We often use social media for self image construction. To be hopeful, we must also be awkward and vulnerable." " It takes tremendous courage to skip the commentary about how awful the world is and speak hope."
 Thank you for speaking hope.


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