Let's make it last

The other night, when we were about to fall asleep, Tim hugged me tighter than usual and whispered to me: "I think i just realized that soon it won't be the two of us anymore, and though I am sure the new 'us' will be great, I am going to miss this."

Then I started crying, mostly because I am a hormonal sac of feelings, but also because I knew exactly what he meant. The years that we have spent together have been a real gift from the good Lord, and nothing short of awesome. Our lives are richer because we have each other, we are each other's support, partner, and friend, in the words of Genesis, we are each other's suitable helper. And although we understand that our child will only make this relationship richer, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to 'just us'.

So many 'lasts' that will give way to a world of 'firsts', we have so much to look forward to, my love! Happy last Valentine's Day to the two of us, next year we will have one more sweetheart to love.

And now a song, because it's Valentine's Day… Let's make it last.

The way that we love, the way that we laugh, it's something worth seeing, so let's make it last. Live out each moment, they go by so fast. Let's make it last.


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