Polar Vortex Schmortex

hat: Free People, jacket: Victoria's Secret, {maternity} t-shirt: Old Navy, hoodie: J Crew Factory, {maternity} jeans:Paige, shoes: Converse, transport tote: Madewell 

The weather has taken an interesting turn this January surprising us all by getting close to 50 degrees. While the rest of the U.S. is freaking out about the polar vortex, freezing in temperatures that would be just normal by Alaskan standards, Anchorage is warmer than 90% of the country.

Fine by me.

With the exception that I'd really like to get some xc skiing done this winter, I am quite enjoying wearing my leather jacket instead of my heavy puffer jacket, and any time I can trade boots for shoes I say amen, hallelujah! Especially if those shoes happen to be chucks. Best shoe ever? You know it!

I am not usually a snow hater, but whoever said that pregnancy makes you warmer is a big fat liar. Ever since I got pregnant I am a walking freezer, so I thank you polar vortex, make yourself at home and stay until spring.


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