A state of mind

This excerpt from one of my design magazines:

With the world getting savvier every day at knowing how we think, what we dream about, and what we aspire to, it's important to be reminded that, at times, it's less about more, and more about less. True enjoyment, it seems, boils down to a state of mind: a very personal, individual state of mind. One that filters out the never-ending static, and brings in a tight focus on the things that really feed the soul. Whether that's a perfect blue sky on your day off, piling another log on a crackling fire, or just an unexpected hour in the day when there truly is nothing "better to do." Here's to the days of luxuriating in the perfection of the little things, from savoring the coolness of a snowflake melting on your tongue to a stolen moment in your day that lasts a lifetime.
These are the last pictures of our trip, the last bit of that luxurious time that allowed us to just be, no matter the date, or the day of the week, enjoying the little things amidst family.

This is what I hope for this year: 365 days filled to the brim of that wonderful state of mind where less is more. A year full of enjoyment and true cherish of the little things, the ones that really matter, a simple, clean, very personal year.

Cheers to that!


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