Sitka: A birthday getaway

I am certain I have told you before how much I love Southeast Alaska. To me, it is one of the most wonderful places I've ever been, and since Tim has never made it there before, I decided that his birthday was the perfect opportunity for a getaway present.
Located on the Baranof and Chichagof islands on the Alaska Panhandle, Sitka welcomed us with a balmy 40 degrees, and bear cubs! Smoky and Bandit were rescued by the people from the Fortress of the Bear after their mothers were killed, and now they are being trained to join the rest of the rescue bears in Sitka. 
Tim and I did a little bit of hiking, taking in the magnificence of the Gulf of Alaska, marveling at the abundant green of their trees, oh the trees! I could stare at those beautiful ones forever! and just  a lot of exploring in general.
We visited a few museums, ate lots of good food, and cozied up at the most quaint bed and breakfast known to man.
Tim and I went back and forth comparing the places we have visited in the state, and we could not come up with a place that's 'better than' another. They are all so beautiful, so unique, so full of wonderful people, and interesting history! We decided to count ourselves lucky to live in a state that continues to make us fall in love with it, and with each other again in the process.
Happy birthday my love! Cheers to you, the best adventure companion a girl could ever have!


  1. This place looks divine!!!! So glad you got to go and enjoy it!!! Those bears cubs are sooooo cute:)


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