A recap

A review in photos of some of the places I've been in the last few weeks.
Whenever I was not throwing up due to morning sickness, I managed to have some pretty fun times.
Below, the highlights.

Tim and I, along with our friends, rented a cabin in Girdwood right before the snow came. We were all feeling pretty smug about leaving town outsmarting mother nature, but then we woke up to this.
 Mother nature 1 - Gang 0

Just a pic at our favorite brunch/dinner place. Jack Sprat, you are the bomb.

This one just fills my heart with joy! Would you just look at that handsome man, and all those tiny stripes on the tiny clothing? I die.

The last three are just food related items I am so glad are back in my repertoire of things I can consume again. As soon as I could stomach them, I had to have them. Ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee never tasted so good!

Here's to saying goodbye to morning sickness and helloooo to the honeymoon trimester!
Happy Monday!!


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