Slowly but surely our house is starting to look like a home again, as opposed to the empty rooms and walls I left after {{I decided to start anew}}. There is something strangely liberating about a blank slate, and it has been fun, albeit time consuming, to give our home a new look.

I have to hand it to Tim, he has been a great sport through this season, patiently helping along the way. We both feel we have grown, our faith is stronger, our relationship rooted a bit deeper into the path that the Lord lays before us. So you know what? We are moving forward, we are ready for the seasons to change.

Steadfast, full speed ahead, "lead on, lead on, my God, my God, lead on, lead on, kindly light."


  1. I surfed onto your blog whilst researching Talkeetna and had a squirrel through your archives for 2011. In the June of that year I was involved in a road trauma that has had a devastating effect on my life. I wept with joy when I read the quirky Eulogy (Dec 30 2011?) ~ I wrote out an eulogy to my beloved car that "succumbed to a moron" ~ I feel now that a deep hurt and grief can be released. The Lord kisses every boo-boo: great and small.

    Thank you.


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