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I had an epiphany this weekend, but to tell you how it happened I will have to Tarantino my way back through this story.

It started with the fact that I had 2 days off in a row. For most of you that may seem normal, but for me that's not something that happens as often as I'd like. Resting for 48 consecutive hours is something that I will never take for granted, mainly when rest comes in the form of my 2 oldest friends being in the same town where our friendship began, at the same time.

Something about scouting the entire city for the perfect chocolate moose, old stories told, new stories made, beers, and bloody marys, something about that feeling that we go way back, those years that can't be replaced, that stuff is what's good for the soul, you know?

Then we had babies! Babies you guys, the good, soft, sweet, squishy kind. I don't mean to brag, but my friends make exceptionally good looking kids. I mean, the gene pool here is outstanding, if I do say so myself. And really there is something powerful about looking into those pure, tiny, admiring eyes. You can taste the innocence, you can feel the sweetness, and you can most definitely understand why Jesus himself said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

Lastly, there was the fair. And the food at the fair. And more food at the fair. And then more. And there were friends, laughter, mountains, and joyously warm sunshine.

And after a weekend of rest, old friendship, babies, fair food, and fun, the epiphany happened. The realization hit me that this is my life. I am here. This happiness is mine, these wonderful, supportive, caring, funny people are my friends, that handsome man who wins me stuffed animals at the fair is my husband, these mountains are my home, those babies are my hope, and today, on the eve of my 30th birthday I can say that I have a full life, that I am living proof that the Lord's promises are true, because when I gave my life to Him and He told me that He would pour out so much blessing I would not have enough room to store it, He meant every word and more.

I will turn 30 tomorrow and I am full, I am happy, I am here :)


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope this next season is even more blessed and more beautiful. xo


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