That one time at the library

True story.
Last night Tim, my friend Les, and I went to the library to do some research.
At 8:40 PM they announced we had 20 minutes until closing time, so we headed for the self-checkout which worked perfectly fine for Tim. Not so much for me, though, since regardless of the way I pointed the library card bar codes on the scanner, the darn thing would not work.
So Tim tried it.
Then Les tried it.
I finally took the book to the librarian and told her the scanner didn't work, to which she replied: "This is your Pet-Smart card."

Go ahead, you can laugh at me. I'll wait.
No, please, it's ok, Tim and Les had no problem doing it. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself, leave the job to your friends, right?

I left the library feeling less smart than when I came in, no big deal.
So I had ice cream and I felt better.
...Stupid library card.


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