Exceptionally well {Lethal luau}

My coworkers and I embarked on an adventure to one of their cabins on a gorgeous lake to have a Murder Mystery Party: Lethal Luau. We pretended to be in Hawaii, roasted a pig leg, drank Mai-Tais out of coconut cups, and ate fruity cupcakes for dessert. 

We had Chief Wiki-Wiki, a Hawaiian girl named Leilani, Holly Day who was married to a billionaire, a swim suit model called Nadia Seymore, an old surfer dude that went by Bodacious Jo, and me, AKA Les Bags, a drug dealer mustached, clumsy man, who recently escaped prison. I look pretty snazzy for a felon, if I do say so myself.

So much fun.

But really, how lucky am I to work with people willing to do things like this? Pretty freaking lucky.

Have a great weekend!


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