Sunday best

popover: J Crew, pants and bag: Gap, belt: Target, shoes: Coclico, panama hat: bought in Ecuador

Tim and I have Sunday ritual.
He makes breakfast after we wake up, we get dressed, go to church, and then you can find us at my favorite bakery eating a concoction of croissants/chocolate chip cookies/foccacia bread, and coffee. Sometimes I make it in on Fridays too because that's the day they make challah bread, and oh my if it is  not the most delicious bread I ever had. I may be biased. That bread reminds me of the sweet bread my grandma used to buy when I was a kid, so now I purchase it in baguette and roll form enough to last me until the following week. 

Today the girl at the checkout let me use my debit card, even though I did not hit the minimum amount to use it, because she said I'm there all the time, and someone recognized me on the street as 'the girl who's on that bakery every week'. 

I think it's safe to say that:
1. I could never be on a carb-less diet.
2. People know me as the bakery girl.

So it stands to reason that if I am being recognized, the proper thing to do is to dress the part, croissant in hand, in my Sunday best.


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