Hiding memories

Going places in the summer that we normally visit in the winter is so much fun! Walking and hiking where we normally would xc ski is a total different and much warmer experience.
Last weekend we headed to this one spot I kind of forgot about, the first place I went to when I first came to Anchorage one summer 12 years ago, the hike that takes you to the ocean and the beach that actually has warm sand, where sunsets are just too marvelous for words.

Funny, isn't it? How we leave our memories hidden in different places. Tucked under a rock, or behind a tree,  or just buried under the sand. One day we go back, and there they are, so vivid it seems it was just yesterday, so alive you can still taste them, re-live them one more time and neatly put them back in the same place again, until next time.

I'll be back for you next time.

P.S. These were taking somewhere between 8 and 9 PM. Isn't Alaska's sunshine just the best?


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