Anniversary Weekend

Our anniversary isn't really until tomorrow, but since we will be at work, Tim devised a secret plan for Saturday. And let me tell you, this man did well!
We started out our day with homemade brunch on the patio, followed by instructions to dress in shorts and a t-shirt, and to get in the car because he was driving us to get a couples massage, and OMG I almost fell asleep in that massage bed. So good.
Then I was told to get dolled up for dinner, then I was driven downtown where we walked a bit until we arrived to the place which, in my opinion, serves the best steak in town. If anyone ever tells you that Club Paris has the best steak in Anchorage, you say no sir, as a matter of fact that title belongs to the Marx Bros. Cafe. And then you tell them to order the filet mignon with raspberry demi-glaze, roasted sweet potatoes, and asparagus. You're welcome.
We finished the day by doing our favorite past time: Driving around looking at houses that are for sale, imagining what they look like on the inside, guessing the year that they were built, daydreaming about fixing them up, rebuilding, re-decorating, the works. Why? Because daydreaming is fun, and it's free, that's why.
I'm so very thankful for you, Tim. 
So very, very thankful.


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