A place that we call home

It may be because Tim is an Architect and I design interiors for a living, that every time we go for a walk we scout houses that are for sale. This is a good time to say that we own a house, and we are in no financial position of buying a new/different house, we just like to day dream.

In our dreams we buy the ranch house, always the ranch house, the one that has the ample backyard and huge windows, because we are suckers for natural light. In our dreams we buy the shabby house that has potential, the one built in the 60s or 70s that still has that funky wallpaper, because half the fun is in discovering it, and the other half is in making it ours. 

They all have their charm, but most importantly they are all within walking distance, if not next to, this amazing blue ocean. The one by which we got our engagement pictures taken, the one I run and ski next to,  the one we walk by hand in hand watching the seasons pass by, the leaves change color, the waters melt and freeze.

The truth is we could probably make any of those houses ours, but it is this ocean, those mountains, these trees, and the trail that has seen us come and go who have our memories, our smiles, and our tears. They are the ones that don't need any fixing because they are beautiful in their own right. They are the ones that we call home.


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