Exceptionally Well {Let the warm temps roll}

On this weeks Exceptionally Well:

Holy heatwave Batman! 
It has been so insanely gorgeous around here, Mother Nature is making up for all the wrongs she ever made in the winter time. A perfect 70ish weather rules the land of the midnight sun. Literally. Summer solstice fast approaches and today alone we will have 19 hours 16 minutes and 26 seconds of glorious sun light. It is so beautiful, you guys! This picture was taken at 7:30PM at 72 degrees. 

I have two words for you: Fish and chips {halibut, obviously} accompanied by a raspberry wheat ale, naturally. Delicious fresh fish from Alaskan waters, it does not get any better than this, can I get an amen?

This man and his piercing blue eyes that I still get lost in. His love and patience towards me are a gift from the Lord. His commitment to me 'for better or worse' stands more firm that the strongest oak tree. I am so honored to hold his hand and walk daily. I love him!

My bleeding hearts not only came back but were the first to bloom, they even beat the crab apple tree.

Lastly in my list of awesomeness for the week is my wonderful mom. 
Sometimes not even the sunshine, the blooms, or all the fish and chips in the world can take away the sadness that still hangs around me, and in those times my mom steps up like a warrior to defend her daughter, fighting tooth and nail to build me up and remind me of the love Christ. She talks of the perfect plans my Lord has for me, of the people who want me to do well, and the strength and victory that comes to those whose faith endures.
Oh that woman! Such a HUGE blessing to me.

I hope your weekend is full of warmth and sunshine!


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