t-shirt: Target, shorts: J Crew Factory, shoes: PF Flyers for Kate Spade Saturday, bag: Gap, panama hat: bought in Ecuador, sunnies: Madewell

Some days are meant for shorts and a t-shirt. Those days usually mean adventures that include baked goods, lots of walking, daydreaming, and digging in the dirt to plant more plants, because on those days, when the sun is shining so bright even your sunglasses and hat can't protect you, you want to buy all of the plants at the nursery. You want them to multiply until you have a peony in the front door, a peony in the patio, 2 crab apple trees, one bleeding heart, one dahlia, one rose bush, and one whiskey barrel full of blooms.
I am not even kidding, all that just happened.
But you know what? Those days with the shorts, and the t-shirt, and the sun, and dirt under your fingernails, those are the best days,  for those are the days when you feel alive.


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