Exceptionally well {Christmas in May}

This week was like Christmas in the Conrad household.

Most of you probably got a Keurig ten years ago while I have been brewing my coffee one pot at the time. It only took over a decade, but I am now the proud owner of one and I am in love! 
What are your favorite pods? Tell me, tell me! I already love hazelnut, and of course anything with chocolate in it.

Also an item on my list of 'I shall have you some day' is this gorgeous cowhide rug.
I can't even believe it is in my living room now and I can pet it, yes, I pet it. Don't judge me!
A public thank you is in order to my friend Les who helped me sort between the different rugs to find perfection.

Today is Friday and I have the day off. I plan on running, making a Keurig cup of coffee, and reading that stack of magazines on the coffee table.
Happy Mother's Day weekend!!


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