Exceptionally well {What a gem!}

On this week's {{exceptionally well}}:

The sunshine. I wake up and the sun is out, I go out to lunch and the sun is out, I go for a run with the sun shining on my back, it's glorious!
If you sit inside by a big window with the rays of sun pouring through, it's warm enough to have an iced drink. Ice caramel macchiato? Please and thank you!

It was a good mail week, you guys.

And the highlight of this week goes to one of my clients who sent the nicest letter about me to my boss.
In a world where most people only take time to complain, it is so good to know that there are people out there who are willing to spend their valuable time writing to say 'thank you, I appreciate you and your work, your effort does not go unnoticed'.
If someone has been especially helpful, especially nice to you, or has simply gone above and beyond their duty to do a job well done for you, won't you write them a note and say thanks?
It will mean the world, I promise. That last sentence in this letter means more to me than anything money can buy.

I hope your week went exceptionally well.


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