The bacon method of marital bliss

 Tim thinks I am a horrible driver. I disagree. Herein lies our problem. 
Friday was especially bad considering he actually said he feared for his life and the integrity of our car. I may or may not have raised my voice... Okay I did. But in my defense I have never caused an accident and what he calls bad driving is more like efficient driving in my book.

The point is that our weekend did not start on a good note, but you know what? He brought me breakfast in bed on Saturday and I'd be lying if I said that bacon has not solved 50% of our disagreements. Try it. Next time you and your significant other are at each other's throats just calmly cook some bacon. The smell alone should at least make you smile.
Someone told us that the fastest way to end a marital fight was to argue naked. We have not tried that method yet, nor am I advocating nudity. This is a PG rated blog. But I do swear by the bacon method, served in bed, with coffee, and an I'm sorry kiss.

After that the weekend was smooth sailing. 
The sun graced us with its presence, we took a downtown stroll, we babysat Matthew, and had an ice cream cone.

For transparency's sake I am required to tell you that in order to keep our arteries unclogged we consume turkey bacon instead of the regular kind. 
I am also required to point out that this was my first time babysitting in EIGHT years. Tim came along for moral support {and for safety reasons}.
He drove.


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