Getting back my mojo

I have been traveling, alone and accompanied, since I was 2 years old.
As much as I hate the circus that airport security has become, and the germ fest that comes with airplanes, it is all worth it to get to a new destination.

Seattle is most definitely not new to me but it is a place dear and near to my heart, and a city I will always come back to recharge, forget, relax, wine, dine, and shop {and maybe live?} as long as I can.

I took a little week break from the blog to let the {{rough patch}} I've gone through slowly and quietly die all the while remembering the highlights of this trip, because in order to get my zest, vigor, and determination back, there is no better medicine than getting the heck out of town.
Check it out.


Thank you Steph for sharing ALL THE CARBS, the wine {and the whine}, the caffeine, and the pint of ice cream with me. Such a dear you are.
{{Shayla}}, always so very nice to see your sweet face. I miss you already.
Thank you Seattle for the 3 days of 70 degrees, sunshine, and fun. You never disappoint.
Here's to a fresh start... Again.

P.S. You guys, Seattle fed me kale for the first time. I get it now, kale lives up to its hype.


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