Exceptionally well

I'm fairly certain that I tend to miss things. The small things, you know what I mean? Those little things that happen on any given day that for a sec just make your face smile wiiiiide and for that tiny sec the world is all that it's supposed to be.
Turns out that if you add up all those seconds then you've got yourself a minute, or two, or three of wonderful things that you can look back on to give that face of yours another grin. So this is it for the week, the little things that have made me smile.

Can we talk about Bob's hair? 
I double dog dare you to Google 'bob dylan's hair' and not fall in love/envy/want with those crazy, luscious locks. Do it. Perfection, right? So I'm a little bit into the guy, and maaaaaybe I've been listening to his records too much too long {as if there is such a thing}, but Mr. Dylan and I go way back and sometimes all a girl needs is a crazy haired dude with a harmonica to sing to her aching heart, okay? Okay.

News flash. I'm 5'00''. No pair of running pants has ever fit me lengthwise. Like, ever {thank you Taylor Swift now I will always think of you when I say that} that is until this Nike pair I found at Costco of all places, and you know what? I love it! I can almost forget that I'm still running inside in April {will the snow ever leave????} when I take this baby for a run. Winning? I think so.

Next up is the most delicious thing I ever made in 15 minutes with 4 ingredients. This lemon curd tasted like the best summer kiss you ever had, every bit as sweet, and so, so, so delicious.

And of course a new haircut. What is it about cutting those split ends that makes my hair feel angel soft? I cannot say, but my curls have never looked better, and in this blog we believe in documenting any and all good hair days, folks. And by we, I mean me. Clarification in case that last run on sentence got confusing.

Lastly, and most definitely the best part of these bits of goodness is a conversation I had with my coworker. Something about her upgrading her phone to a 'flip phone' {do they still make those?} because she broke the PULL OUT ANTENNA on her old phone, and her plan being grandfathered in since TEN years ago, and me call pranking her to tell her it was 1999 and it wanted its phone back. And it may not sound nearly as funny when I say it now, but she laughed so hard her mascara ran down her face. Pretty sure there's no better way to top my week than making someone laugh until they cry.

See? Those few seconds add up, give it a try. You may find your week went exceptionally well.


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