Every heartbeat

It was only half warm, wet, slushy, and sweaty. Everything a spring run should be. I finally took my run outside, the first of many outdoor runs to make my heart swell with happiness. Yet right now all I can feel is pain and sadness for the runners in Boston, for your families, and your community. We are praying for you, friends. Every step, breath, and heartbeat in our run go out to you. You are loved.

"Marathon running is a sport of goodwill. It's the only sport in the world where if a competitor falls, the others around will pick him or her up. It's the only sport in the world open to absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or any other division you can think of. It's the only occasion when thousands of people assemble, often in a major city like New York or London, for a reason that is totally peaceful, healthy, and well-meaning. It's the only sport in the world where no one ever boos anybody." -Roger Robinson


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