This one's for the tweeps

I am not shy by any extent of the word.
If you know me, most likely I said hello first, I probably invited you to hang out, or gave you my phone number without you having to ask. 
I believe in putting myself out there, I believe in meeting people and making friends who don't necessarily think like me or are in my same walk of life. I understand that sometimes this approach can bring heartache and disappointment, but I know for a fact that this has brought amazing people to my life, in fact, I've met most of my great friends and my husband this way.

I believe in people. I believe in their goodness. I believe that we care.

So when social media gem Twitter came about I wasted no time in getting acquainted with people who in the last couple years have proved my point time and again. Through 140 character interactions we engage with one another, we joke, encourage, and sometimes even help each other. It's a community.

This blog is one big thank you to this community. 
To Jeannette, who puts together a group of amazing women and empowers them to meet, network, and befriend each other. This one is for Maya, who can get you a delicious recipe when you ask. This one is for Adam and Jason, who together have prayed for me and made me laugh constantly.  This one is for Angie, who is prompt to help with a discount when you need it. This one is for Rebekah, whose emails have encouraged my writing so very much. This one is for Wendi, the world's nicest person ever. This one is for Lucy, for sharing her pearls with me, and for the pictures of her son, the best looking toddler on the web.

For all of you who laugh with me at my lion mane of a bed head, thank you. For proving to me once again that we matter, that we can find community even with people whom we have never met. Thank you for putting yourselves out there too.

I believe in people. I believe in their goodness. I believe that we care.

P.S. Warning. Not all social media outlets are created equal. Use Facebook sparingly... Or not at all.


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