Bye-bye blues

I have been keeping away from most forms of social media for the greater part of this week because this place sucks, I hate my life, and nothing is right. 
We all know that none of those statements are true, but while I get myself together I maintain my distance from the world wide web because the cyberspace and the world at large do not need another Negative Nancy spewing bile in the form of 140 characters, let alone whole blog posts.

Part of what's got me in this slump has largely to do with the fact that I am sick and tired of the cold/ice/snow typical of the last days in March. Yeah we have over 12 hours of daylight, but who gives a crap if I'm still freezing. Pause. See what I'm saying? My attitude stinks. I've read way too many self proclaimed 'light-hearted' posts that only serve to put other people and their blogs down and I have promised myself to be kinder (and stop reading that junk), and part of that means that I need to keep my mouth shut when I have nothing nice to say. In the meantime I will count my blessings.

This guy, coffee, and hours on end of reading together.

My friend Jeff is in town :)

Shared potato leek soup.

This t-shirt. So cute.

Homemade chocolate moose

Waking up to this note from my husband. He is the best.

This window display

And this song, a reminder to help me live His word.

I will be back to my normal happy-go-lucky self, I promise. Have a wonderful weekend!


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