Home: living/dining room edition

Our living room and dining room are always changing. This is mostly due to the fact that I get bored quickly and I welcome a change in our look any time we can.
The charcoal wall has seen more colors of paint than I care to admit or Tim cares to remember.
Paint is such a great, inexpensive way to change the vibe in a room!

The mantel is another part of our house that is in constant motion depending on the time of the year. Whether it's Christmas decorations, summer blooms, or fall leaves, my mantel changes with the seasons. Right now it's all dressed up for Valentine's day.

Our TV stand is a 1970 radio 8-track/vinyl disc player that I found in an antique store. The best part is that it still works! The trouble is that I don't really have any 8-track tapes laying around, do you?

Our entry way acts as a little mud-room to catch our coats, gloves, hats, and almost always snowy shoes.

Of course, a home is not a home without some pictures and items to remind you of sweet times, like those flowers on the last picture were a bouquet that my mother in law gave me the day Tim and I had our courthouse wedding. I dried them up and put them on a vase to remind us of the happy day we legally said I do.

Lastly, flowers, always fresh flowers thanks to a tip my grandmother gave me.
Have fresh flowers in your house all the time. They make any space more beautiful and fragrant, they can bring a smile to a sad face, and they will remind you of all the beauty that God created.
And who doesn't need that reminder every day, right?


  1. you have crazy mad style, you know that? haha! Fer, thank you SO much for your support of us going to Nepal. It meant so much to us to have people believing in us as we go. I'd love to be able to email you to thank you but didn't see an email! Have a great day girl, love Katie

    1. I left you my email!!! Write me!


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