Our friend Eddie

anorak: Old Navy on sale!, sweater: Eddie Bauer, shirt: Madewell, jeans: Anthro, boots: Steve Madden

A few things my dad loves:
1. His baby girl {That would be me, in case you're wondering}
2. Soccer
3. Eddie Bauer - Let's expand on this one.

If there was ever just one place for my dad to shop, it would be Eddie Bauer. The wrinkle free dress shirts had him at hello. The Merino wool sweaters are perfect for the forever spring temperatures he lives in, and the pants have just the right cut.
The man does not love shopping, but when he has to, Eddie Bauer is the man.

With that excuse I got an Eddie Bauer friends card, because I figured I might as well get rewards for the presents I buy for my dad. 
 And so it came to pass that this jacket, this hat, and the sweater in this post, all came from our friend Eddie.

There's no question about it, the apple does not fall far from the tree.


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