Kiss your life today

I am so grateful that God made Sunday mornings.
For sleeping in and making breakfast with Tim, just to jump back into bed to cuddle for a little longer.
Always a little longer.

I will never tire of thanking my Savior for this man.
I will never stop thanking Him for our lives together, for the opportunity He gives us daily to see a new day, to become better, to try again.

I will always be thankful, and especially amazed at His providence, His goodness, His kindness towards us. His willingness to be born to save us.
Our cup truly overflows.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, because I have the privilege of accepting this amazing life as a gift you've given me. The biggest, most precious gift of love.

"Kiss your life. Accept it as it is. Today. Now. So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for do not pass you by. Kiss your life today, now, just as it is."


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