Savor the details

I am back.
We have new floors and our furniture is back in place. Most importantly, we have cleaned all most of the dust, and we are making a pot roast to celebrate with our friends tonight.

This weekend Tim and I spent the majority of the time getting our house back together, buying groceries, and on my end, looking for Christmas decorations. I may not play Christmas music until December first, but when it comes to decorations it never hurts to think ahead. I'm a huge fan of the holidays, and now that the snow is here to stay, I can't help being in the mood for mulled cider, strolls on snowy paths, cookie recipes, and classical music by the fire on a Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of which, I made super soft chocolate chip cookies yesterday with a recipe from Joy the Baker. Dang, that girl makes a mean cookie! If you are at all into baking, her book is full of oh so wonderful recipes! She does not disappoint. And my cookies? Seriously the softest, fluffiest cookies ever! Find a recipe here.  I paired the cookies with black raspberry wine from Bear Creek Winery {proudly made in Homer, Alaska}. The mix of pumpkin, chocolate, and raspberry is so wonderful you cannot have just one cookie... or one glass of wine.

Have a lovely week friends, eat a cookie, have a glass of wine, take a walk on the fluffy snow, hold hands with someone you love. Enjoy the days you've been given. The best is in the details after all.


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