Listen to your inner muse

vest: UO, t-shirt: Threads for Thought and cowl: Mink Pink via Her Tern Boutique, jeans: Nordstrom, booties: Madewell, sunnies: Ray-Ban, bracelets: Angel Court and JCrew, watch: MK.

I am sure you guys have seen the lovely floral pattern jeans that are everywhere these days, in fact, you probably have a pair.
I tried, I did, but I cannot wear them without thinking I look like I am wearing my grandma's curtains around my bottom half.
It's just going to have to be one of those trends that I will admire on other people but I will pass.
Houndstooth, however, I can totally get behind.
When in doubt, I remember this quote by Iris Apfel:

"I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says 'Here I am' today."

 Here I am world! 
Even if my inner muse will never wear floral pattern pants.
Here I am!


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