Go fur it!

vest: Zara, chambray shirt: Target, pilcro rolled cropped jeans: Anthro, watch: MK,  oxford shoes and earrings: Nordstrom here, and here

This may just be the biggest no-no I've ever worn: Denim on denim and fur. Together.
A Canadian tuxedo on steroids, if you will.
Should you want to give this madness a go, make sure your denims are a few shades apart, break up the monochromatic look with different color accessories, and add really cute shoes/boots.
If you're just shaking your head in disapproval, it's okay, maybe you can try wearing just the fur.
Or not.


  1. You are absolutely adorable! Love this outfit, and those shoes!
    xo TJ

    1. Thank you! I won't lie, I'll provably wear it again.

  2. I LOVE the shoes!! in this case, I think the shoes make the outfit totally ok and awesome!!! Rock it!!!


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