Big girl pants

anorak: Old Navy, sweater: Hive and Honey, t-shirt: Target, pants: Zara, boots: Gap, necklace: Anthro, glasses: Ray-Ban

It takes confidence to wear leather pants {even when they are faux leather} which is exactly why I am wearing this pair. I have been lacking the confidence and courage to go through the transitions that lay ahead of me. It is very unlike me. 

I am not saying that I am miss braver-woman, but I am saying that I am not normally scared of doing big things, taking on big challenges, or embracing change.
Yet, somehow, I have reached a place where I am unsure about this new territory, pacing back and forth, unable to act.

So in a small symbolic act of ending this nonsense, I put on my leather pants and I wore them in public {gasp!} and now I present them to you on the internet {dun, dun, dun!} as if to say, I may be afraid, but I will be dammed if I let that stop me!

What do you know, J.R.R. Tolkien was right when he said that courage is found in unlikely places. In my case, that place happens to be the inside of this pair of leather pants.
Wherever that place is for you, I suggest you find it. As my momma so rightly says: "Nothing great was ever written about a coward".


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