My parietal lobe at work

Today I made caramel apple cider with this kick ass recipe, grabbed a few ginger snaps, threw some logs on the fire, and I laid there, on the floor of my living room staring at the ceiling. What followed can only be explained by the fact that the parietal lobe in my brain {the part responsible for forming our thoughts} is incredibly developed, as I can process ridiculous amounts of thoughts and ideas in record time. I have no scientific or physical proof that my brain is more developed than any of you reading this right now, but the analytical side of my brain {the left one, in case you're wondering} tells me it's just as good an explanation as any. So yeah, let's go with that.

Finish snaps and cider. Flip through TV channels. Curse the basic cable that comes with the dues I pay monthly to the association in my neighborhood. How is it that at any given time there is a channel playing Sex and the City? Didn't the show end eons ago? I'm guilty, ok, I watched the show, and the movies, but must we replay it 'till the end of time? May I also say that if you asked me to identify with one of the main characters I couldn't pick one! I admit it, I have Carrie's shoe collection, but you would not catch me wearing a tutu in public to save my life. I love my job and my cat just as much as Miranda, but oh boy that haircut, let's not talk about that haircut. And I cannot stand prudish Charlotte or freakish Miranda. And you know what? I had Aidan and Big and I dumped them both. What does that say about me? I don't know, but I married a man who would never identify with either of those individuals, in fact, he wouldn't even know who they are. Thank God.

TV is now off. Eyes back on the ceiling. I have got to get back to Southeast Alaska. Better yet, I have to take Tim with me. I cannot believe that he has not been. I must show him the most beautiful place in the world, after all, who knows how long we will live here. Can anyone get me a hotline to the Lord? there are a few questions I need answered about my future. Like, right now.

Flip through Instagram, see a picture of my friend's baby. She's such a cute baby. Which reminds me I need to call Amy, gosh I can't believe she has 4 kids, oh, and I need to call Kim, I still have not met her second baby. And Flea's baby turned one! Did I take the folic acid pill this morning? Because I'm gonna need it for when I have babies. WHOA! No, no, no, no, no. Baby. Singular. I will do ONE baby. Oh God, this is it, isn't it? That awkward moment when you realize that you're thinking about reproducing. Thinking about it. I said THINKING ABOUT IT!. Let's not plan that baby shower quite yet.

Shower... Yeah. I need to take a shower before I go to the airport to pick up Tim. I'm so glad he's coming back already. Four days without him is too much. Ugghh, I'm disgustingly mushy. Whatever. I'm just glad he'll be back so  we can talk about getting HBO, and plan a trip to the Southeast, and think of baby names. Ha! He is going to freak. But it's ok. I made cider.


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