Enough excuses

I could say that I have not written after I came back from Quito because I was jet lagged, I had to unpack, and go back to work, and I got laryngitis. I could say all that because it's true, yet is not why I have not written.

I have not written because saying that I am back makes it real, writing that I am here makes me realize I am not there. It makes me stare at the deep, empty hole that I have in my heart since leaving my family behind. The deep, empty hole that I have semi-sucessfully avoided for the past 10 days. And now I've said it, I'm here, not there, and once again we have to move ahead, and move ahead we shall.

The trip changed Tim's and my life for the better. Our eyes were opened to many things and plans have been made to pursue new dreams, live new adventures, to grow in different ways. As a result, Tim and I have decided to further our education, we will both be studying {not the same thing} and I hope you understand if my posts are not as regular, including Wardrobe Wednesday. Remember that you can follow this blog with Bloglovin, or Google Friend Connect or by email on the left hand side of this page.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments, and thank you for letting me share my stories. Thank you for letting me make some light.

All my love, always.


  1. ahhh looks like your trip was SO much fun and rejuvenating! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to hear about what you are going to study! woo hoo! and thanks for your sweet comments on my Alaska posts...I definitely thought of you while there:) love Katie


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