Recovering tomboy

t-shirt and sunnies: Target, skirt: Madewell similar, scarf: Velvet c/o Blush Boutique, sandals: Camper via Her Tern Boutique

Believe it or not I was a tomboy growing up.
I would not have been caught dead in a skirt. How was i supposed to climb trees and play with Tonka trucks wearing something so uncomfortable?
My, oh my, how have times changed! Six year old me is shaking her head somewhere looking at me now.

This skirt is one of the most comfortable things I own other than my boyfriend jeans.
The pleats give it dimension and movement as I walk, it pairs well with any top, and {this is my favorite part} it has deep side pockets.
The only thing that could make this skirt better is stripes. I know, I am obsessed. 
So I threw in a striped infinity scarf for good measure.

Be serious. All my recovering tomboys, raise your hand!


  1. hand up! still trying to dress more lady like lol! But I looooooooooove this outfit!

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, Tiffany!

  3. you so did NOT play with Tonka trucks.

  4. I so did too!! And the real metal ones at that! Not the plastic ones they make these days.


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