A year ago

A year ago we said I do.
A year ago we became one.
A year ago we vowed to love one another, and we offered our marriage and our lives to Christ.

What a wonderful year it has been.
Here's to us, to our love, and to our amazing God.
May He forever be at the center of this union, may we always sing Him praise!

"These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive, these are the moments I'll remember all my life. I've got all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more." - Edwin McCain 'I could not ask for more'


  1. happiest of anniversaries to you!

  2. ABSOLUTELY beautiful my dear!!! love Katie

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  4. [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NTkYzfmxPxQ/UAR7bCFb-BI/AAAAAAAAAj0/lfIADRfX7k8/s1600/wed4.jpg[/img]



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