To find a voice

blouse: J Crew, last seen here, pants: Gap, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, necklace: Charlene K via Posh Boutique

My friend Shayla and I were talking about social media, blogging, and the like. I was mostly the one talking {as usual}, she was mostly the one listening and giving insightful advice {as usual}.
We talked about the validity of content, about why we blog what we blog, write what we write, say what we say, week after week, month after month, very often as it is my case, without any monetary gain.

The answer is, we do it because we like it, and we want to be heard.
We write/read blogs because we are drawn to a certain type of people, doing certain types of things that inspire us and move us. Blogging allows us to create the type of story we would like to read, it gives us control to create what we would like to see, it gives us a voice.

Every story you see in this blog, every picture, every word is my voice, it's who I am. From the serious life posts, to the Wardrobe Wednesdays, to me there is no better gain than knowing that you read this, that you are listening, that you care. 
Thank you for that.

What are you doing to find your voice? Are you being heard?


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