Just keep swimming

There is only so much time one can spend nursing a broken foot back to health, resting, sitting, resting... I was going nuts. I needed to get rid of 3 weeks worth of stored energy. I cleared it with my doctor, got myself a swimsuit, and made my way to the pool with Tim along for moral support, after all, he used to be a competitive swimmer many moons ago.

I can run 10 miles without a problem - I thought.
I used to swim 50 yards in 30 seconds - He thought.
We got this - We thought.

Boy we were wrong.

You guys, swimming is hard. 
A few laps into it and our arms felt like jello, we were thirsty, our hearts pounded.
In short, the pool kicked our butts.
But we kicked back {pun intended} and we managed not only to have a great workout, but also to have fun together, and by the time we were home, my body felt the way running makes it feel: exhausted, accomplished, and sore in all the right spots.
In Dori's words, we will just keep swimming.

P.S. Show me one person who looks good in a cap and goggles, and I will show you an alien.


  1. I just the other day jammed my toe and it hurts and aches...can't imagine a broken foot! Nice to "meet" you--I live just north of you.

    1. It's not fun. But it's almost back to normal, thank goodness.
      Nice of you to stop by Pattie!


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