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Six months ago I volunteered to train with Brenda and Shalem who signed up for LAVAMAN, a triathlon sports event that takes place in Kona. I had no interest in doing a triathlon, I don’t even own a bike, but I love running and I figured -a little swimming and biking- how hard can it be? 
Turns out it’s pretty freaking hard, but I got into it enough that I wished I could race, though unfortunately the registration was closed. So, when the LAVAMAN Liaison contacted me about joining a relay team, I replied a one liner: I’m in. 100%.
I could write a booklet on what I have learned so far about triathlon training, and I could fill many pages explaining the leaps and bounds our bodies have made to accommodate six days of training week after week for months in a row. But what surprises me the most is the mental change. 
From I suck to I can.  From maybe to absolutely.  From impossible to done. 
I am no stranger to the mental shift. Many years ago running saved me from my thoughts when lacing…

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