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Help a sister out

You know those things that everyone seems to notice about you, yet you remain oblivious to the fact? I got one. I didn’t know that I’m not good at accepting help. 
It only recently became apparent that the root of this is in my need for perfection. Having things less than together results in needing help, if I need help my life must be in chaos, and chaos just won’t do because nothing will make me panic faster than disorder. 
There it is, the root of all evil: fear. Gabby Bernstein said that the presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength. To be strong is to be vulnerable and vulnerability sometimes looks like accepting help, letting it change a distorted view of perfection while accomplishing more than I would on my own. 
Baby steps.  We were at a concert standing close to the stage by anyone’s standards, but I am 5 feet tall and it doesn’t matter how close I am to the stage, I’m only as good as my highest pair of heels so I can look over the crowd.  B…

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