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Of Local Cheer and Small Business Goodwill

art by Adam J. Kurtz
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Richelle Johnson, the lead analyst for the Center of Economic Development. Her research suggests that Alaska leads the nation in percentage of women owned businesses, 71% of them have fewer than 5 employees.  It's easy for me to relate. Wildheart Magazine is made of 2 women. Our advertisers are all women owned businesses, and the vast majority of our stockists are as well.
The day before the second issue of WILDHEART MAGAZINE was released, a 7.2 earthquake hit. I approached our vendors a mere 24 hours after the event, most of them still picking up the broken pieces from their merchandise, lending a hand to one another, welcoming me and our product with the warmest embrace. The thing is, we see each other all the time, but the earth shattering -quite literally- brought to the surface what this community is really made of: kindness, solidarity, love. And I believe that is exactly what we, small business folks, put into our pro…

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