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In the 17 years I have lived in Alaska, I have come to know people of all walks of life, and though we  are individuals, there is a commonality to all of us who love this land. We have spirit.

There is something about living on a beautiful, bountiful, wild land of frigid winters and breathtaking summers that brings out a unique lifestyle in us. And no, I do not mean, the hardcore skier, snow-machiner, stealthy hunter, or crab fisher, they are part of us too. But there is more.

The candid, warm cook who invents 1001 ways of cooking salmon, the clever introspective photographer who quite literally chases the sunlight to get a shot, the mother of three who always has a pair of XtraTuffs for school drop offs, and a pair of shoes for meetings. The artist who is giving icebergs life in her studio, the athlete whose training does not stop at below zero. And there are more, there is me, there is us, there is you.

It is with great pleasure and a lot of excitement that Jordan Bird and I are re…

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