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A short story about short stories

picture taken from the cover book Essays After Eighty by Donald Hall 
Note: some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals
I finished reading This is The Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. It pains me to say that I hadn’t heard about Ann’s books until I read Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic. To say that I fell in love with Ann’s writing is a gross understatement, before finishing her book I had already ordered another one plus her best friend’s memoir. The way I see it Ann and I are now friends, therefore her friends are my friends too. 
I finished the book feeling the way one feels after a restful nap: calm, full of good energy, and a little bit dizzy, craving more. Surprisingly, neither the book I finished or the one I ordered are novels. Ann Patchett is a fiction writer, and a delightful one at that, but I began getting to know her through her short stories. 
If short stories were a band, I would be the fan president, the cheerleader, and r…

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