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A little bit of gray

Despite the unusually warm weather we've had this month, it is fall, which means most of us in Anchorage pull out our puffer coats, put away the outdoor furniture, and begin our indoor projects.
This particular remodel is dear to me not only because the homeowners are returning clients, but because one of them was my high school teacher. Last year I had the pleasure of designing their kitchen, and this year their master bathroom.
Here is the before picture.

We removed the linen closet and replaced it with a linen cabinet to provide organization and make more room for the wall hanging vanity. The big mirror was taken out in favor of 2 small personal mirrors above each sink, and the laminate countertop was replaced with Quartz.

The floor was replaced with vinyl flooring with a hexagon motif that matches the bigger tile hexes we used for the shower floor. If you look closely you'll realize that the drain is located on the bench allowing us to keep the hexagonal tile pattern with…

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